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Back from holidays

I just come back from almost a month of vacation.  My sister and my father came to visit me in Argentina, (I moved to Argentina a year ago) and cause I didn't see them for almost a year, I was very excited for their visit. We spent a week in Bariloche - that is in the south of Argentina. I must tell you, it's the most beautiful place I ever seen. The chocolates from there are the best.

Afer they gone, I spent a week with my beautiful wife and her parents in a small place called Villa General de Belgrano - near to Cordoba (in Argentina too). It is a very nice place, but after you visit in Bariloche - nothing can impress you.

Something I must say: The meat in Argentina is the best in the world, and the meat in  Buenos Aires is best in Argentina !!!
So that's it. No more vacation. Now, back to the real life. Back to work Cool

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Categories: Personal life
Posted by Miron on Tuesday, February 05, 2008 8:05 AM
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